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Pakistani Wedding Mehndi Night BEST Dance On "" Mehndi Taan Sajdi ""

Marriage (Urduشادی‎), in Pakistan is a legal union between a man and a woman. Culturally, it is not only a link between the husband and wife, but also an alliance between their respective families. Because about 97% of Pakistan's population is Muslim. the Islamic law is usually observed.

Pakistani Wedding Events

Given the diversity of Muslims, some of the most common events that are held in a Pakistani marriage include variations of the following. Marriage Proposal, Engagement, Dholki, Mehndi (Henna), Barat, Nikah, Registration, Reception, Rukhsti (Farewell),Valima (Walima), and Honeymoon. The only Islamic requirement is the Nikah and Valima. Other events are cultural additions and Registration is usually a legal requirement. Each is described in more details below

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How To Find The Best Blush For Your Skin Tone

Woman applying rouge
Photo: iStock
The perfect application of blush can bring an instant hint of colour to a dull visage. With cheek colour options spanning the entire colour wheel from bright tangerine hues to fierce burgundy shades, it can be a challenge to find the ideal blush for your skin tone. Whether you have pale porcelain skin or a rich ebony complexion, here’s our guide to finding a gorgeous blush for your face.
Fair with Cool Undertones: For beauty addicts who have a pale complexion with cool undertones, shades of pale pink can bring a delicate rosy glow to faint cheeks. While a bold peach tone may make you appear flushed and a vivid fuchsia may be best left to deeper skin tones, a slight sweep of dainty pink can illuminate those cheekbones. Try thisLaura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Rose Petal, $30.
Fair with Warm Undertones: If your fair complexion has a slight yellow undertone, you can experiment with subtle apricot or peach hues to emphasize your skin tone. For ladylike peachy colour, try Smashbox Blush Rush in Paradise, $29.
Medium: For slightly warmer medium skin tones, a coral pink blush brings a vibrant look to a neutral complexion. If you have a complexion which is deeper than porcelain or ivory, but not quite tanned, try embracing medium pink shades. This tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush In Fearless, $31, adds pretty colour without making an overwhelming statement.
Olive: Try complementing the natural yellow or green undertones of your olive complexion with a feminine rosy pink in a deeper hue. While a baby pink may be too light for your tan skin tone and a bold orange can leave you looking flushed, a rich pink shade is a beauty solution. Try a subtle swipe of this Clinique ‘Chubby Stick’ Moisturizing Cheek Color Balm in Roly Poly Rosy, $27, to define gorgeous golden skin.
Dark: While it can be the ultimate makeup challenge to bring colour to a rich cocoa complexion, darker skinned beauties can try a bronze blush for an understated look or take a risk with a deep plum for eye-catching colour. To highlight a dusky skin tone with an inviting rich hue, try this Fashion Fair Beauty Blush in Ginger Berry, $17.

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Stylish Sun Hats We’re Loving Right Now

There’s nothing we love more than glow-y bronzed skin in the summertime, but powerful sun rays can actually cause our skin serious damage. That’s why, in addition to your sunscreen, we recommend introducing an accessory into your wardrobe that looks totally cute while it helps protect you from the sun.  This two-in-one is a no-brainer, so if you think you “can’t pull them off,” think again, ladies.
Sun hats are a summer must-have. Throw one on with any beach outfit, and suddenly you’re the epitome of chic. Sun hats shield your face from harmful UV rays, which can cause wrinkles and skin cancer. We’ve made a list of the cutest sun hats this season and we think every fashionista should have at least one in her closet (or her beach bag). The styles range from super-floppy, to cowboy-ish, to straight up diva. Basically, there’s something here for everybody.
If you’re running to the beach or pool this weekend, make sure you protect your scalp and look fabulous doing it. Shop our picks below!
sun hats roundup 1
1. Bop Basics Perfect Mini Sunhat, $88.00
sun hats roundup 2
2. ModCloth Safari Finesse Hat, $39.99
sun hats roundup 3
3. Henri Bendel Straw Beach Hat, $34.00
sun hats roundup 6
4. Vince Camuto Pattern Weave Floppy Hat, $54.00
sun hats roundup 7
5. Chloe Stripe Floppy Sun Hat, $18.48
sun hats roundup 8
6. Sole Society Mix Straw Sun Hat, $29.95

Which of these stylish sun hats is your favorite?

Say Cheese: 4 Ways to Instantly Become More Photogenic

Photogenic is defined as looking attractive in a film or photograph. Many people think that they have to put on a lot of makeup or make a lot of changes in their appearance to make themselves more photogenic. However, there are a number of simple ways you can instantly make yourself more photogenic. Below are some tricks that will help you be photogenic.
be photogenic
Close Your Eyes Before The Picture Is Taken
Many people have a tendency to blink right when the picture is taken. Fortunately, there is a trick you can use that will help prevent you from blinking when you take a picture. You should close your eyes before the picture is taken. As soon as you hear the camera click, you should open them slowly.
Use a Light Source to Make Your Eyes Sparkle
According to the professionals at C U Smile, you can make your eyes sparkle in your photos by using a light source. For example, you can use a brightly lit or a Christmas tree. There are also foods you can eat that will give your eyes a natural sparkle. Dark, leafy green vegetables, bananas and apricots are examples of some of the foods that will help your eyes sparkle.
Think Of Something Funny
A natural smile always looks better than a fake one. Many people freeze up in front of the camera. You should think of something funny before the picture is taken. This will help you relax and smile naturally.
Smile with Your Eyes
There is an old quote that says, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul.” Model Tyra Banks would often tell the contestants on America’s Next Top Model to smile with their eyes. You can smile with your eyes by squinting a little bit when you take your picture. You can also smile with your eyes by tilting your chin very slightly. You should pull your shoulders down when you are tilting your chin.
Looking great in a photo is not as hard as many people think. You can instantly make yourself appear more photogenic. You can close your eyes right before the photo is taken in order to prevent yourself from blinking. You can also give your eyes a sparkle by using a light source. You can smile naturally by thinking of something funny before the picture is taken. Additionally, you can smile with your eyes by tilting your chin a little and squinting. Pretty easy, huh?

Do you have any tricks to be photogenic?

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Faraz Manan Bridal Wear Collection 2015

Faraz Manan Bridal Wear Collection 2015

Pakistani leading and foremost fashion brands that should be treated women wear collection is Faraz Manan. Faraz Manan has presents many other collections such as party wear, bridal wear and seasonal outfits for modish girls and women’s. Now this time Faraz Manan has launched its bridal wear collection 2015. This fashion clothing brand has displayed huge choice of bridal wear dresses on the cat walk of Telenor Bridal Couture. This bridal wear collection contains on various styles bridal lehengas, shararas,long frocks, ghararas and elegant sherwani designs. Faraz Manan has designed beautiful and attractive bridal wear collections. Elegant and astonishing color shades are use in this bridal wear collection 2015. These lehengas, bridal wear are available in all leading stores. 

Orient Spring Summer Lawn Chiffon Dresses 2015

Orient Spring Summer Lawn Chiffon Dresses 2015

On the off chance that you discover the dress of spring season to look stylish and sharp in printed lawn chiffon dresses, let us proceed fresh out of the box new sprig lawn collection that will satisfy everything your needs in spring summer season. Arrange fabric gives propelled quality in fabrics that is likewise an explanation behind its triumph. It is Orient lawn chiffon dresses 2015 for summer sprig season that is presents just in few hours prior for present day young ladies. Their outfits are casual and ladies and young ladies can wear them amid their childhood. It is the spring lawn chiffon dress 2015 for the summer season that present a quite recently. This included a 3-piece suits, advanced print collections and kurti weaving. Arrange materialsummer lawn chiffon dresses 2015 are astounding in 2 pieces and three piece lawns printed 

Khaadi Summer Spring Lawn Collection 2015 for Girls

Khaadi Summer Spring Lawn Collection 2015 for Girls

Khaadi spring wear lawn 2015 collection is currently to shock the women on 7th March throughout the Pakistan. Its summer season and everybody appreciate with blooming blossom, climate and cool wind. Khaadi is one of the fancied and remarkable design marks that have been presented Khaadi spring wear lawn collection 2015 for revering style sweethearts. All the lawn designs are sleek to look their excited consideration in expanding the best guaranteeing design for you. Khaadi spring wear lawn collection 2015 for replenishes are perfect and impeccable decision for gatherings, formal and easygoing wear. Khaadi has presented such a variety of other infrequent and occasional collections to appeal the ladies. This lawn collection has been brightened in such iridescent styles that you will just going to become

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Trend : What's In-Style is Your Style

  Grey nail polish

Every week brings a new reason for a revamped look! It's not always about an occasion, an event or dressing up for a new beginning. Changing up your style and trying out something new can make the monotonous week worthwhile.
Try out at least one of these in-style trends to see what can transform your look this week.
Grey nail polish: Different ways to wear it
Monochrome might be a classic, but sometimes choosing the perfect nail polish colour isn’t so black and white. With the rise in popularity of neutral shades, grey nails have become a top choice whether worn alone or with another nail colour (think: neon accent nail).
Try out at least one of these in-style trends to see what can transform your look this week.  
Sparkles: Add dimension and shine to any nail art look with glitter polish. Paired with an LBD and smoky eyes, it’s a killer 

Grey nail polish

Grey nail polish
Matte: Alternatively you can add a touch of sophistication to your look with a matte manicure. To use, simply finish any nail art look with a matte top coat!
Graphic: Use nail art tape to make graphic shapes on your nails and then paint them using two or more hues.
Ombre: Forget 50 shades… 5 will do! Paint each nail a different shade of grey for an ombre effect.
The black cat eye: A classic yet simple makeup look.
One of the quickest and most effective ways of turning up the volume on your makeup is the classic black cat eye. The black line, following the curve of your eyelid, make your lashes appear fuller, draws attention to the colour of your eyes, and the 'flick' outwards makes your eyes appear larger. It's a real magic trick that every woman should have up her sleeve!

Black cat eye makeup

Black cat eye makeup
Generally speaking, a liquid liner is the best kind of eyeliner for drawing a cat eye. However, if you're looking for a softer effect, with a slight smudginess to it, a kohl pencil will do the job nicely. Start at the inside corner of the eye and follow the line of the eyelid. Don't worry if the line isn't thick enough, you can always build it up later. It doesn't really matter at what angle you draw the flick, but make sure that it's the same on both sides, or your eyes will look misshapen/unbalanced. Purrrfect!
Sunkissed hair: The ultimate beach babe look.
Are you a summer-loving gal who wishes she could sport a beachy, post-vacation look all year round? Now you can!  By using a gradual hair lightening treatment, you can add luminosity and light to your locks for the ultimate sun-kissed hairstyle. Opt for a treatment that gradually lightens the hair without ammonia for natural results that are gentle on your tresses.
Here’s how you can get the #sunista look:

California girlLighten your hair all over to a unified blonde. This is the most dramatic option and one that’s sure to turn a few heads.
Ombre effect: Lightening just the ends of your hair will create an on-trend ombre effect. A favorite of celebrities, this look is a summertime staple.
Highlights: Subtly lighten your hair with highlights. This technique is a great way to bring color to your hair for a sun-kissed glow, without going all the way!

Makeup School: Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes have been in style for quite awhile and there's no sign this particular trend is dying any time soon. Makeup expert Raana Khan highlights the most common misconception about smokey eyes in the video below; smokey eyes come in many different colours and are in no way tied only to the traditional black smokey eye that was first introduced.
Furthermore, the key to the perfect smokey eye is proper blending. The trick is to make sure all colors are blended together flawlessly. Also, it's important to pair light base colors with rich dark colors. Some good blends include; soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue or a peach base with a green hue.
Stream the video below to learn how Raana creates an exquisite smokey eye look by blending a bronze-gold with silver and grey. Don't forget to try it out yourself!

Natasha Couture Fashion Glamour Anarkali Dresses 2015 For Women

Natasha Couture  Fashion Glamour Anarkali Dresses 2015 For Women (2)
Natasha Couture recently lunched its Natasha Couture Couture Fashion Glamour Anarkali Dresses 2015.Natasha a very important and famous famous brand shopping shopping brand.This is positioned in Hyderabad (India) .
It has many branches in India and around the world. Natasha Couture began his fashion career on August 14,2010 in the world of Indian fashion.

The most important products of the fashion brand tend to be salwar kameez, sarees, Lehengas and Kurtis.Natasha stitching used in many bright colors and fantastic special including gold, black, red and so carry these forth.Girls dresses in different parts and marriage, as you funcations.Hope it.Natasha Couture Glamour Anarkali Dresses Fashion 2015.

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How To Lose Weight Fast In Just Few Days Easily

1:Firstly, control your diet and don’t eat too much.
2:Avoid those drinks that contain high quantity of carbohydrates and sodium.
They can increase your weight.
3:If someone asks me that how to lose weight fast?The answer is just take 
advice from best nutritionist.Make your own diet plan.

4:Always use sugar-free products because they contain zero calories.
The more you eat calories, the more you gain weight.
5:Take a glass of water and mix one table-spoon of honey in it. Drink
 it regularly before breakfast.This weight loss home remedy will keep you fit and slight.
6:This is another trick that how to lose weight in 5 days.Add lemon in your
 diet because it has so many benefits.Lemon is also very effective for skin and hair.It can

make your face blemish free, shiny and glowing. 
7:Avoid eating oily food such as rolls, samosas, sandwiches, pizza etc.These
 things increase the amount of cholesterol in your body.Excess amount of
cholesterol leads to many diseases.
8:Everybody want to learn that how to lose weight in 10 days.Daily
exercise will help you for this purpose.Yoga for weight loss helps to keep
 to healthy and active. Twist crunches, vertical leg crunch, 
side crunch and lung twist are major exercises.They are essential for
reducing belly fat.
9:Similarly regular walk is very important for your health.Especially walk
 which we do after dinner is best.
10:Don’t eat rice, potatoes and spaghetti because they make you fat.
Your belly becomes round and
 it look ugly.
The more you eat green vegetables, the more you gain health.Don’t eat too
 much meat as it is not 
good for you.Many diseases occur because of overeating.Write a chart of
your daily diet and follow
 it regularly
.These are best tips that how to lose weight fast in just few days easily.

Pakistani Walima Dresses 2015 For Bridals and Groom

The trend of Pakistani Walima Dresses 2015 for brides is facing many changes. Every groom and bridal wants to look stylish and gorgeous on their walima day of wedding. Every year brings a lot of changes in different things and fashion is one of those things. Walima is the day that comes after the main function of baaraat. On this day both the men and women want to look beautiful and attractive so that they can impress everybody. These latest and trendywalima dresses 2015 will give you confidence to look energetic and superb. Different people have different choices and they wish to get outfits of their choice.

Pakistani Walima Dresses 2015 For Bridals and Groom
Pakistani Walima Dresses 2015 For Bridals and Groom
Some groom like to wear sherwani or shalwar kameez on their reception. While some men prefer three-piece suits for walima ceremony. No matter what you want to wear but it should be comfortable for you so that you can walk easily. Nothing is impossible in this modern age because of latest technology. Therefore many designers are available to provide you walima dresses of your choice. Along with young girls, men are also becoming conscious about their dressing. They also feel difficulty on choosing a right and perfect wedding dress 2015 for themselves.

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Collection of Sweety Designer Abaya 2015

Sweety is a retailer based in Dubai. The Abaya designs of sweety are modern and trendy while keeping the traditions in hand. Different styles and patterns are used on the black canvas of Abaya to create a masterpiece. The collection below has been collected directly from Sweety Designer Abayas website.

gallery_Spring_2011_Sweety Abaya Veer Zara
Abaya Veer Zara

Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal makeup is not always about wearing a red lip and a bright eyes or a lot of shimmer and gold on face. It can also be worn simple with beautiful soft colors to get a natural look. Bridal make is very tough task if do at home. If we talk about Indian bridal makeup, then we must observe that Indian brides doesn’t over do the makeup on their face. Here in this post you will find best Indian bridal makeup tips below.

Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips



Cleansing is one of the most important of applying makeup. You should have to do cleaning on daily basis if your going to become a bride soon. This will keep your face neat and clean and provide even tone also.

Washing your face:

Before application of makeup you should have to wash your face properly. For dry skin, you can also apply moisturizer after washing the face. Avoid moisturizer if you oily skin and also avoid creamy or oily foundation for Indian bridal makeup.

Application Of Concealer

After moisturizer, apply concealer to hidden your dark circles and spots on face. Concealer will give you an uneven skin tone and you will be in a better position to apply makeup for bride. For Indian brides, yellow pigment foundation is best for photo shoot. You should have to apply foundation properly on your cheekbones and area under the nose.

Application Of Blush On:

If you have fair skin tone then you can apply gel blush on to get a bright look.

Eye Makeup:

It is better to give darker colors to your eyebrows and put on artificial lashes to get a prefect Indian bridal look. In bridal makeup, darker eye shadows are using that are perfect matchable with the bridal outfit. Dark eye shadows will make your eyes appealing and alluring and your bridal look will be more enhanced.

Application of Lipstick:

Lipstick for Indian brides must be matchable with their dress. It can also in contrast with bridal dress. If you have thin lips then you can make use of lip plummers to make them fuller. Make sure the lipstick color you select for Indian bridal makeup must be matches with dress, it will be complimenting for brides.
Well, these all above Indian bridal makeup tips are very helpful and you can simply get a perfect bridal look. If you are getting married soon then must follow these best makeup tips for Indian bides above.

Anarkali suits Collection: Perfect Dress Design for Girls

These days’ anarkali suits are becoming one of the latest and new trends inside the fashion planet. In the past this clothing style was quite a lot common but after the emergence of the western dresses this traditional dress lost down its importance. There are many designers and brands that bring back this style trend one more time and now it has become one of the top favorite types of clothing trends.

Why Anarkali Suits Are So Famous In Women?

If we talk about this clothing in the past then anarkali suits was known out to be one of the favorite clothing for the dancer in the court of Emperor Akbar of the Mughal dynasty. In today latest suits of anarkali you will be finding those old traditional designs as well but somehow they have been transformed into the fresh and latest ones as well. If we define anarkali dresses designs then we would say that they are the form of bulging skirt in the company of a well fitting yoke that is stitched little tight below the bust line. The kameez is basically fit till the waist line and below that up to the ankles it is like a frock. Frocks are just paired all along with the churidar pajamas that give away the elegant image by the end of the time.
Anarkali suits

Find Perfect Pakistani Designer Suits for every event

No doubt that each single woman has the want of appearing gorgeous looking on her main wedding day in splendid looking Pakistani designer suits. We all know that each single country has their own traditions and cultures in choosing with the bridal dresses and this is the main reason that might confuse the bride that which dress design would appear impressive for her personality.
Now the main question is that how we can look for the ideal Pakistani designer dresses easily? Below are some of the main tips that will going to help you out in choosing with the perfect looking Pakistani designer dresses for the main wedding day.

Tips To Search Perfect Pakistani Designer Suits:

  1. Before you plan out buying the Pakistani designer suits you should make some idea in your mind related with the dress design. If we talk about some of the famous types of wedding dresses then we would mention the names of Lehenga choli, sharara, gharara and lehenga. If we look deep into the fashion planet then there are varieties of other options as well that are smashingly best for the bridal wear. In this way bride can get best help in searching for the ideal bridal wear.
  2. On the next you should be clear about the choice of color, style and design too. Red is known as the main color of the bridal dresses but if you think that red color will not be suitable for your personality then simply overlook this color. You should be clear about the choice that whether you want lehengas or ghararas. Grab the best design and style so that on the wedding day you can make yourself complementing looking for others.
  3. The bridal dress which you are choosing should be fitted within your size and body shape. Plus size women have to be careful enough while making the choice of the wedding dresses. The dress should be ideal fit in support of the occasion.
  4. We all know that Pakistani designer suits are expensive because of their heavy beautification so make sure that you set your budget as well. If you want to get hold over the affordable wedding dresses then we would suggest you that you should look inside the online stores and websites.
We hope that these tips would be making your task quite easier in searching for the ideal and lovelyPakistani designer suits. Follow the tips carefully!


Best Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsBest Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsBest Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsBest Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsBest Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsBest Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsPakistani Designer Suits (7)Best Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer SuitsBest Ways to Find Perfect Pakistani Designer Suits

Common Teeth Problems in Babies and solutions

Well we all know that getting teeth problemsin babies is one of the common things that give rise to germs and stains in their teeth. It is a fact that tooth development takes place in the babies soon after their birth. At the time of sixth week of the expectation the baby start getting their primary teeth and permanent teeth begin to build up. But some of the people are not aware from the fact that these teeth are sealed under the gum line and blow your top only after the birth. Some of the babies get affected from the teething problems at the time of birth. What is the main reason? Well this is mainly because of the fact that mother has eaten great sum of calcium based foods at the time of pregnancy.

Main Symptoms of Teeth Problems In Babies:

Common Teeth Problems in Babies and solutions
Some of the main signs of teeth problems among babies are mild fever, mild diarrhea, tendency to chew things, sensitiveness to foods, loss of appetite, swollen gums, and pain. These signs will going to remove as soon as the tooth are fully erupted. You can even treat the bbay gum with own self help as well. If your baby is finding that gum is irritating them then you should be rubbing your baby’s gum by means of your clean hands. You can even allow the baby to chew it with the wet clothe as this will going to reduce the irritation on top of gums. No the main question is that what precautionary measures can help out the mother to cure the teeth problems in babies. Below are some of the main and important natural tips for controlling the teeth problems among babies:
  1. As soon as you find your baby with the teeth you should start brushing it on daily basis. You should make the use of soft baby brushes or you can make the use of wet cloth as well. You don’t need to make the use of tooth paste for brushing at the early stages.
  2. After one month of the baby birth you should be visiting the doctor on weekly basis. It has been medically tested that if you will be avoiding clinical check up then your
  3. You should feed your child with the food items that are enriched with the sufficient minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium and other micro-nutrients. Sugar, carbonated beverages, chocolates should be avoiding by all means.

Now without wasting any time if your baby is suffering from teeth problems then consult your doctor right now before it gets too late!

Information About Indian Mehndi Designs For Hands

Do you sometimes find any trouble in choosing with the mehndi design images of Indian mehndi designs for the hands? Well there is no doubt about the fact that with the passage of time the popularity of the Indian mehndi designs is becoming so common and favorite among the women and especially in the brides. We all know that there are so many mehndi designs that are coming ahead each single year because of which brides do find great sum of trouble in choosing with the perfect and ideal ones.

Why Indian Mehndi Designs For Hands Are So Popular?

It is to be mentioned for the readers that Indian henna comes in the form of a powder or a paste that is made from the dried leaves of the henna bush. This plant grows best in very hot but dry areas of the world. This is the main reason that it was first used in Middle Eastern or African countries. When henna paste is applied to the skin, the hennotannic acid will dye it a reddish-brown color. This acid also dyes hair and fingernails easily. Indian mehndi designs have been set as in favor of both hands and feet.These cones are made of rolled plastic that is taped closed with a small hole at the end. These are filled in the company of henna paste and the design is made by squeezing paste through the hole and drawing on the skin. The paste stays on top of the skin for an hour or two and is taken off by hand or with a wooden stick when it’s dry. The design will hang about until the top layer of skin exfoliates.
On the same level as you will going to look at the mehandi design images of Indian mehndi designs you will be finding the more intricate designs that cover the hands and feet and have thinner lines. It does cover the full hands or feet. These designs take advantage of open space and often have vines, leaves and flowers in them. You can make the choice of the Indian mehndi designs as in favor of the wedding functions, ceremonies and religious occassions.

By the end of the post we have some of the classy images of Indian mehndi designs! Which one of the mehndi design does you like the most?

file (2)

Top 10 most important eye makeup ideas & tips for brown eyes

Our country is not of those whose proportion of people with light eyes exceeds 50%, as in Iceland. Having big eyes does not have to be synonymous wear a sky blue, aqua green or bright gray ad. Eyes like chocolate or hazelnut tone now have much left to take out with makeup. In Spain, almost 30% eyes look brown-black tone and over 50% lighter shades like hazel. The brown color is considered the dominant iris worldwide makeovers and when, to many people around the world come to us the same questions: What colors favor us? What shadows would use to empower? Eyeliner? Yes or no? To answer these questions and help you get the most out of our eyes, we had the help of two experts to solve all these problems with 100% effective result. Take note of these tips.
Collection of Brown Eye Makeup Photos will help you learn more about style and colors being used by professionals for brown eyes.
eye makeup for brown eyes,makeup ideas for brown eyes,eye makeup tips for brown eyes
What colors do we favor?
Nacho Fernandez, Make Up Artist of Art Lab, opens a window of hope when the palette of colors used in its entirety: “depending on the occasion we can use a variety of colors, since the color of brown eyes combines well a wide range of hues. “As an expert, we recommend the range of earth flecked with gold, gray, even purple for a natural finish on a daytime look. For special occasions, we are encouraged with Nacho makeup contrast with cooler tones like mauve and silver or that “greatly highlighted brown iris.” Meanwhile, David Garcia, makeup artist for Clarins, proposes greenish gray tones to enhance the iris makeup looks smoother for day.
If an iris in tone light hazel, Nacho highlights the range of gold and copper and proposes find the contrast in shades of purple and green. David agrees green tones for tone hazel iris color family increases with the range of gold.

Shadow Clarins (33 euros approx.) And Shadow Lancôme (19 euros approx.)
Photo: Clarins / Lancôme
Colors to avoid.
Nacho Fernandez advised us not to use the yellow and orange lights if a look chocolate, not off color. David also advises us not to use the range of pastel colors as we run the risk of getting an effect “blank stare”.
If you like smoked finishes, you’re in luck. They will be your best bet for a night look, because as Nacho Fernandez tells us, “generally accepted brown tones tone like no other eyes to intensify the most. We opt for a more soft makeup for day and night, step up and play with the finished smoked. ”
Teachers Tricks
David proposes a series of tricks to give more intensity to the look and explains it step by step to get it at home. First, mix one prebase a pencil or shadow tone brown because, as we are assured, will get the shadow set all day. Then half delineates the upper eyelid and attach it to the end of the lower eyelid, right at the lash of both. Apply a darker shade in the rest of the eyelid and ends with a clear and natural tone in the upper eyelid (just below the eyebrow).

Eyeliner, khol … Yes or no?
Nacho Fernandez is clear: “Both options are ideal for brown eyes. Overall reserve the eyeliner for special occasions and would use the khol for the day-to-day or to intensify the stains. “David safe bet for a brown eye liner because” gives sensuality to the look and makes the iris color shine even more. “

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