Friday, January 8, 2016

6 Tips to keep your natural beauty without makeup

Figuring out how to keep regular magnificence with no cosmetics at all is hard! I realize that I wear my cosmetics constantly – honestly, I even wear it to bed in light of the fact that I neglect to wash it off. There are so many simple ways in which you can enhance and maintain your natural beauty.
So women, how about we investigate the main 6 tips on the most proficient method to keep normal magnificence with no cosmetics by any stretch of the imagination:
1. Drink as much water as you can
You most likely, even definitely know this, however water is totally one of the most ideal approaches to keep your skin looking delightful and hydrated. You ought to drink no less than some water a day, that way you won't need to stress over establishment, in light of the fact that your skin will as of now look delightful.
2. Exfoliation is key
Since you've got your skin hydrated, you additionally need to verify that you scour out the majority of that oil as well. The following tip on the best way to keep characteristic magnificence is about shedding your skin. This can be utilizing a scour that you have or basically utilizing a shedding wipe.
face skin care
3. Keep it well Oiled
Did you realize that oil is an incredible distinct option for a ton of the creams that you are utilizing? Trust me, this oil is awesome to mollify up your skin and truly make it emerge and shine. Attempt it women and let me know how it functions.

moisturizer for skin
4. Facial hair priming
Simply on the grounds that you are searching for courses on the best way to keep common magnificence without cosmetics, that doesn't mean you can disregard your temples! Trimming, waxing and verifying that you keep those foreheads fit as a fiddle is an incredible approach to keep your characteristic excellence.
face beauty
5. Spruce it up
Going natural with your skin means that you've chosen to dump the makeup, doesn't mean you can't highlight your eyes another way! Why not wear something that truly starts your eye shading.
beauty with no makeup on
6. Focus on the lips
And finally, you need to keep your lips hydrated as well; however you needn't bother with lipstick for that! Only a swipe of the best lip balm or lip oil, out there and it won't just shine up your lips, yet it will keep them hydrated and delicate as well.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Latest hair color trends for 2015.2016

hair color

Hair color madness runs like traffic with women. Changing hair color means changing you entire there is always some game-play between choices. Better choices can make you look way younger you’re your age while bad choices can afflict on that part of the story. Obsessed with your hair are you? Well this here will be your style guide towards trends of hair color of 2015. And so we begin:
Sturdy Streaks
Ombré's phase came and went away. Now there is a new trend in city. It is an inspiration from the 90’s this season. The hair shines more through the bold highlights in the hair and strong ribbons just like hair color trend back in the days of Cindy craw ford.
Baby lights
This hair color trend is devised by Jack Howard .the word "baby lights" mentions a procedure of painting highlights in small sections to impersonate the effect of a kid who devotes her time in reference to playing in the sun.
Soft Reds
The minor reddish Effect on the hair Just like Kate Middleton’s hair is the new popular hair color trend. This also includes shades and tints of deep red and copper color oriented shades on the hair but with a softer touch.
new hair color
Deep Browns
Another hit trend is the deep brown shades applicable to all hair. This is something that never goes out of style.
Shades of blue
The touchups of blue color (various shades) are the new thing in hair color trend in 2015. This style is formulated by application of the hair color on the tail inches of the hair mostly up to 4 inches approx... This differs with personal choices of each hair color applicant.
hair color trend
Colored-Blocked Roots
This one there is for those who have an edge for daring. It includes application of darker or lighter shades of hair color on the roots to give it and color blocking effect. The choice of darker or lighter color depends on the color of the e original hair. If it’s dark one should go lighter and vice versa.
So ladies these are the hair color trends for the year 2015. Go try your best selection among them and get yourself all trends savvy. This will surely give you an edge and beauty you desire. Happy application!
trendy hair color

The stylish gloves beat chilling winters !

Winters are the stuck season which means if you don’t pack yourself well you won’t be able to work. Yes, we are pointing towards your hands which are mostly exposed to work. You can save your hand’s beauty by picking some stylish gloves. gloves
Stylish gloves are one of the best personal investments you can make. It gives your hands a good look, protects it from harsh winter effects and chillness. Many women complain that they don’t prefer to wear gloves because of it oldies style giving them very old and typical looks, well lady you should be glad to know that now your very worry is over. Here is the range of enchanting and cozy warm gloves giving you best stylish desired looks.
Black woolen Stripped Gloves
Yes this is for you. This sober looking stylish glove is having black color. It is made up of wool and still very light. It has zigzag patterns on it. The best thing about this stylish gloves is that it have the long necks means it can not only protect your hands but your wrist too.
The bright red gloves
The bright red gloves are also made up of light wool. It is warm and cozy. Its color is so bright that we recommend it for you to be worn on shopping on a rainy day or any other outdoor casual meeting. The bright colored red gloves are also having pipelined yellow borders making it look more lively and youthful. This stylish gloves are a must have in winters.
Blocked Colored Gloves
This stylish pair of gloves it’s really amazing. It is made up of elastic wool, that’s why it is warm and still light. This is also called the stylish gloves for driving in winters. Its main specialty is its block patterns. Each pattern having separate colors .like the blocks on fingers of gloves are having teal color and the area at gloves palm is having the red color. The nails are having yellow colors but the main parent color is dark blue. This looks fun in dull environment of winters. The stylish glove for this winter you must have.
Zebra Gloves
Yeah Zebra Gloves resembles to the pattern drawn on animal Zebra, which is definitely having colors black and white. These gloves can be worn while wearing a black outfit like black jacket with black or brown jeans. The zebra gloves are unique and when your worn it people will throw the words of appreciation for sure, all the stylish gloves we have mentioned here will make your fingers looking good…It’s our bet!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Manish Malhotra collection at LFW W/F 2015

Manish Malhotra

Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor unveils Manish Malhotra mens collection line at Lakme Fashion Week W/F 2015.
Manish Malhotra displayed his first ever menswear collection called 'The Gentlemen's Club' at the Lakmé Fashion Week winter/festive 2015.
Indian designer Manish Malhotra showcased his menswear collection called 'The Gentlemen's Club' at the Lakmé Fashion Week winter/festive 2015. And gracing the ramp was bollywood hunk Ranbir Kapoor, who turned showstopper for the designer.
Structured suits and textured trench coats were the highlight of the show with velvet remaining a staple in all his outfits. His creation paid a homage to the time-honoured silhouettes such as sherwani, bandhgala and band jacket. The Parisian prints on the bandi jacket were intriguing. Also the gold botanical motifs on the jackets jazzed up the creation.
Talking about his collection, the designer said, "The Gentlemen’s Club is very special to me as it marks the commencement of a new journey for a decade-old label. This new collection is for the confident, impeccably groomed man who likes to mix it up – a modern perspective blended with rich Indian tradition."
Manish Malhotra Collection Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Pics
Manish Malhotra Dresses Collection Picture Gallery
Manish Malhotra Dresses Collection 2015 Photo Gallery
2015 Manish Malhotra Dresses Pics
2015 Manish Malhotra Dresses Collection Images
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Dresses Gallery
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Dresses Collection Photos
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Collection Photo Gallery
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Summer Dresses Picture Gallery
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Formal Dresses Pics
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Mens Collection Images
2015 Lakme Fashion Week WF Manish Malhotra Formal Collection Pictures
Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Manish Malhotra Dresses Gallery
Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Manish Malhotra Dresses Collection Photo Gallery
Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Manish Malhotra Collection Photos
Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Manish Malhotra Summer Dresses Picture Gallery
Fashion Designer Manish Malhotra Collection Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Gallery
Fashion Designer Manish Malhotra Dresses Collection Photos
Designer Manish Malhotra Collection Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015 Pics

New trends in signature bridal makeup

bridal makeupThere are many things that have changed in today’s day and age in Bridal makeup. If you are new to the trends or are about to get married and do not know what is in, we are here to help. Cosmetics for such an exceptional minute in your life ought to reflect who you are.
The topic, shading and feel of your wedding can all be joined into your wedding cosmetics. The innovativeness of these points of interest doesn't simply apply to a service or gathering any longer. Your cosmetics can and ought to be an augmentation of the various extremely uncommon points of interest you've put in your wedding outline.
As an expert cosmetics craftsman, my own main goal is to make every spouse look her closest to perfect.
This obliges a great deal more than simply applying cosmetics; it requires the mastery to comprehend what will decipher well in pictures, what functions admirably with the spouse's components, and how she imagines herself on her extraordinary day.
asian bridal makeup images
Following are some of the new “it” bridal trends:
1. Minimal is Key
Brides ask for and what most makeup artists suggest.  This look stands the test of time and makes for beautiful wedding photos both now and 50 years from now.
latest bridal makeup look
The timeless beauty look is essentially a neutral palette with natural, earth-tone colors on the eyes such as beige, soft gold, ivories, beige-pinks, soft browns and opals. The lips are kept natural and a hint of soft blush accents the cheeks.
2. Softer and Bolder
soft bridal makeup
This is commonly achieved through the bedazzled Smokey eye look.  The smoky eye can be a beautiful bridal makeup technique as it portrays a mysterious sexiness with an added glamour. 
To keep the smoky eye both modern and unique, it’s important to remember that “smoky” is a technique and not a color-choice.  You can achieve a beautiful smoky eye with all colors of eye shadow such as brown, purple, gray, blue and green.
fresh bridal makeup
3. A little bit of Happy Color
Another new trend in wedding makeup is incorporating the wedding accent colors into the bridal makeup. Simply adding a touch of color in the inner section or the outer corner of the eye can create an interesting and beautiful look.
new bridal makeup
Wedding colors can also be tastefully used as a liner in a deeper shade of the same accent color and smudging it around the lash line.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Exquisite Bridal Headpieces For The Crowning Glory Effect

Bridal Headpieces

We really don’t need to spend a bomb to adorn our hair or leave it unadorned at our own wedding, because when confidence takes over, the two in their own ways look chic and haste. With that being said, let’s talk a little more about the embellishments we could have on our hair- a nice Bridal Headpiece for the crowning glory effect, why not?


Wedding accessories

Pulling The Entire Look

As a bride at the mandap or walking down the aisle, you would want all eyes on you. It is your day and the thunder to steal should be you, not even the groom (LOL). Having that in mind, you should think of something bohemian for the main day, in metal of course, but not the same old boring tiara your crafty neighbor’s daughter wore at her wedding.
Bohemian wedding tiara

Think of a nice Bridal Headpiece; one that wouldn’t be too blingy, yet a piece that captures everyone’s fancy!
Bridal tiaras

Chic Bridal Headpieces to Flaunt, With Tips on How to Choose One!

Yes, we heard you loud and clear and that is why we would like to show you fifteen pretty Bridal Headpieces from a myriad million options out there – you could also DIY bridal tiaras too; as per your imagination and creativity!
Wedding headpieces

How to Choose One That Sits Pretty on Your Hair?

So here are quick tips on how to choose wedding headpieces, which brings about the complete princess fairytale wedding look- read on!
Types of headpieces

Speak With Your Hairdresser First

Why did we ask you to do this, and what is the connection?
Wedding headpiece ideas

The two of you should decide on a bridal hairdo; do you want the hair tied up or left loose, locks up or flowy and down? The two of you should sit and experiment with styles.
Wedding tiaras

Let’s assume you would choose a 1950’s vintage hair bun, with a side sweep quite low, what types of headpieces then would suit your look the best? What about a ballerina high bun, which wedding headpiece would enhance the look at the wedding?
Bridal headpieces for wedding

Discuss and then come to a conclusion when choosing your bridal headpiece.
Bohemian headpiece

If you have long, thick and flowy hair (irrespective of the hairdo), think of daintier Bridal Headpieces to wear, and the reverse for short thin hair would stand true.
Wedding headpiece

Gown Shopping Times

Indeed, when you shop for your wedding gowns, saris, anarkalis and lehengas, you would check every minute detail before coming home hands full, right? Needless to say, the same 360 angle should be used when picking bridal tiaras, no questions asked.
Bridal tiara

Grab your Smartphone and ask the salesgirl to help you wear the wedding headpieces, one at a time. Click the look with each of them; some from a distance, some which the salesgirl clicks and some as selfies.
Bridal headband

Bridal headbands and tiaras look different from all angles, and there aren’t standardized fashion sizes and styles etched-in-stone per se.

Metal Colours

The colour and hue of the types of headpieces you see should complement your wedding trousseau, which goes without saying. Bridal gowns with plenty of pearls and beads, would look best with stark whitish silver head pieces, and others look haute in crystal touches – vintage ones especially.
Wedding bridal headpiece

Does the Bridal Headpiece Match the Other Accessories?

Final question, does your bridal headpiece gel and match up with the range of other accessories you would be wearing at your wedding; solah-shringar especially?
Bridal solah-shringar

The main aim of wearing the bridal headpiece is to enhance and accentuate your overall look, and not to make a distraction well-perceived by the attendees.
Rhinestones headpiece

The ghugnhat or the bridal veil too should gel with the wedding headpiece, or else it would be an epic fail on your D-Day, which we really wouldn’t want any bride-to-be to face!
Gloria wedding headpiece

With that being said on various Wedding Headpiece Ideas, we hope you liked our collection that we just flaunted – all 15 of them through this post, and hope that these tips come in handy too! flaunt that crowning glory darlings, for it is your D-Day; make it memorable!

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