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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Shop Pakistani Dresses online

The term Pakistani clothing refers to the ethnic clothing that is typically worn by individuals in the country of Pakistan and by the People of Pakistani descent. Pakistani clothes express the Culture of Pakistan, the Demographics of Pakistan and Cultures from the Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtun and Kashmir regions of the country. Dress in each regional culture reflect weather conditions, way of living and distinctive style which gives it a unique identity among all cultures.
Pakistani dressing has similarities with Indian dressing because of pre-independence culture which was shared by these nations for thousand years but the religious factor was always there which makes a difference. Traditional Pakistani dressing also shares similarities between the ethnic groups of central Asia and ethnicities of the Iranian plateau such as the Turkic ethnic groups (i.e. Khazakhs, Uzbeks, Turkmens) and Iranian ethnic groups (Tajiks, Khorasani Persians and Pashtoons), that have been separate from the cultures of modern day Pakistan during the Durand agreement between Afghanistan and the British raj.
With the passage of time Pakistanis are adapting modern dress and cultural clothing, especially in big countries.













Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Saira Rizwan Bridal Wear Collection 2015 for Girls


Saira Rizwan is a leading and prominent fashion designer in Pakistan who is very well apparent and talented. Recently, Saira Rizwan has launched its newest bridal wear collection 2015. This bridal wear collection is full of modern style, color shades and designs. The attractive colors you can see in this bridal wear collection are beautiful such as mushroom. Saira Rizwan is a clothing brand who has been working since many years ago. Saira Rizwan has presented many other collections that have gained huge response from fashion lovers. This bridal wear collection has consists of bridal dresses such as sharara, lehenga, churidar frock, long maxis and so many others. Fawn, golden, brown and so many others these bridal dresses 2015 for women have decorated with high ends fashion and modernity.

Everyone knows very well the wedding season of winterbridal wear collection 2015 is on and girls are looking some luxury outfits for brides and weddings are looking for their vision bridal dresses. All dresses are perfect and ideal for valima brides. Bridal wear collection dresses are looking magnificent and elegant. Saira Rizwan brings for you royal embroidered lehnga collection, open kurti bridal wear and pure formal shalwar kameez decorated with luxurious motif and Zari fabrics. Hope you will like these bridal wear collections 2015.

Stylish Bridal Dress Collection 2015 for Women

Bridal-Wear-Collection-2015         Stylish-Bridal-Dresses-2015


Embroidered-Bridal-Dresses-Collection-2015          Embroidered-Bridal-Dresses-Collection-2015

New-Styles-of-Saira-Rizwan-Bridal-Party-Wear 2015

Saira Rizwan-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-2015

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Arabic & Pakistani Hijab Styles 2015 for School Girls

With the passage of time the respect and enthusiasm of Hijab styles between the women is getting so celebrated and challenging. Hijab covers the face and head of women and girls. Hijab are worn for cover the front side of face with body and hands. We are sharing with you new Hijab style 2015 for school and college girls. Several of the Hijab styles are ornamented with the soft embroidery which is completed on the front side, complete neckline and fully borders. Few of the Hijab styles is easy in design but few of them are included with eye-catching and attractive designing. The material is used in this Hijab designs are high quality and modern trends. Hijab is most significantfashion styles which create it women sense exclusive and special in the people gathering.

In earlier women can wear only simple black Hijab but nowadays the fashion styles have been totally changed. Women and girls are like to wear colorful modern hijab style. These Hijab styles have been decorated in thread needlework and beside with charming designs. After wear of these Hijab styles, you appear elegant and stylish in season of summer. Choose these Hijab styles 2015 for casual wear and party wear keep you fashionable, cool in summer and modern trend. Hijab styles 2015 can boost the personality and beauty of woman and girls. Every girl can style her persona classy and modern in ease.

New Hijab Styles 2015 for Girls





hijab-styles-fashion        latest-hijab-fashion






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Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015 | Elan Lawn collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

We discuss the short presentation of Elan as a fashion brand that is working2000 as most noticeable and vital clothing brand in Pakistan. Now, Elan summer Lawn 2015 collection by Khadija Shah is in now dispatched. This collection has been designed by Khadija Shah and she is a well designer. Elan has presented numerous different collections, for example, easygoing, formal, and gathering and marriage wears. Elan has enlivened summer lawn collection as indicated by current fashion style for chic young ladies. Elan prints summer lawn collection utilized lovely shading mix and top of the line fashion. The fabrics which are utilized as a part of this summer lawn collection 2015 are excellent and reasonable cost. These summer collections are appealing to upgrade the identity of women.

Elan summer Lawn collection has event to present elite style, for example, open shirt with night robe/tights and duppata. This is un-sewed summer lawn collection for ladies, arresting mix of excellent fabric, weaving designs and computerized prints. In this Elan summer lawn 2015 designer focusing on delicate shading example and advanced designs. Khadija has made the enormous lawn kurtis in neck area bend and joined lawn kurtis with printed tights. Trust you will like all the pictures of Elan summer lawn collection 2015.

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015   Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015     Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015    Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015        Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015          Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015        Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015      Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015      Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Elan Summer Lawn 2015 Collection 2015

Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls

Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls

Utsav is a noticeable and decently rumoredIndian fashion brand. This brand gets immense reaction among ladies and young ladies too. Here we are offering to you the most recent collection of Indian polished Utsav lehenga choli collection 2015 for young ladies. These days, this collection is getting exceptionally prevalent among fashion partners. This fashion brand has been running numerous years back. The fundamental reason of Utsav ubiquity is colossal decision of creation, for example, ghagra choli, sarees, bridal lehenga choli, salwar kameez and numerous different collections. Utsav has presented its most recent lehenga choli collection 2015 that is contained wide assortment of Indian fashion. These Indian lehenga choli are accessible in distinctive example and advanced styles.

   These dresses are composed with excellent weaving and really shading shades. These Utsav lehenga choli collections 2015 are the amalgamation of brilliant hues tones, extravagant needle work, remarkable outlines and cuts. These lehenga choli bridal dresses 2015 are solid looking and whimsical outline and their vicinity. The hues utilized as a part of this lehenga choli 2015 are hopeful garments and customary outfits. Take a gander at this staggering collection of lehenga choli plans in Utsav style most venerated collection 2015. We are appropriation the pictures of Utsav brilliant Indian smart lehenga choli collection. Fill in your dress with most loved energizing lehenga choli plans that venerated by Utsav.

Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls   Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls

Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls

Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls           Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls

Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls            Indian Utsav Lehenga Choli 2015 Collection for Stylish Girls

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pakistani Wedding Mehndi Night BEST Dance On "" Mehndi Taan Sajdi ""

Marriage (Urduشادی‎), in Pakistan is a legal union between a man and a woman. Culturally, it is not only a link between the husband and wife, but also an alliance between their respective families. Because about 97% of Pakistan's population is Muslim. the Islamic law is usually observed.

Pakistani Wedding Events

Given the diversity of Muslims, some of the most common events that are held in a Pakistani marriage include variations of the following. Marriage Proposal, Engagement, Dholki, Mehndi (Henna), Barat, Nikah, Registration, Reception, Rukhsti (Farewell),Valima (Walima), and Honeymoon. The only Islamic requirement is the Nikah and Valima. Other events are cultural additions and Registration is usually a legal requirement. Each is described in more details below

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How To Find The Best Blush For Your Skin Tone

Woman applying rouge
Photo: iStock
The perfect application of blush can bring an instant hint of colour to a dull visage. With cheek colour options spanning the entire colour wheel from bright tangerine hues to fierce burgundy shades, it can be a challenge to find the ideal blush for your skin tone. Whether you have pale porcelain skin or a rich ebony complexion, here’s our guide to finding a gorgeous blush for your face.
Fair with Cool Undertones: For beauty addicts who have a pale complexion with cool undertones, shades of pale pink can bring a delicate rosy glow to faint cheeks. While a bold peach tone may make you appear flushed and a vivid fuchsia may be best left to deeper skin tones, a slight sweep of dainty pink can illuminate those cheekbones. Try thisLaura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Rose Petal, $30.
Fair with Warm Undertones: If your fair complexion has a slight yellow undertone, you can experiment with subtle apricot or peach hues to emphasize your skin tone. For ladylike peachy colour, try Smashbox Blush Rush in Paradise, $29.
Medium: For slightly warmer medium skin tones, a coral pink blush brings a vibrant look to a neutral complexion. If you have a complexion which is deeper than porcelain or ivory, but not quite tanned, try embracing medium pink shades. This tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush In Fearless, $31, adds pretty colour without making an overwhelming statement.
Olive: Try complementing the natural yellow or green undertones of your olive complexion with a feminine rosy pink in a deeper hue. While a baby pink may be too light for your tan skin tone and a bold orange can leave you looking flushed, a rich pink shade is a beauty solution. Try a subtle swipe of this Clinique ‘Chubby Stick’ Moisturizing Cheek Color Balm in Roly Poly Rosy, $27, to define gorgeous golden skin.
Dark: While it can be the ultimate makeup challenge to bring colour to a rich cocoa complexion, darker skinned beauties can try a bronze blush for an understated look or take a risk with a deep plum for eye-catching colour. To highlight a dusky skin tone with an inviting rich hue, try this Fashion Fair Beauty Blush in Ginger Berry, $17.

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